Does my load have to be covered/tarped?

Yes - All loads must be covered and secured, per the Pueblo Municipal Code of Ordinances Sec. 7-3-7, the Colorado State Law 1407 and the Southside Landfill Policy.

Can I come out to the landfill and salvage or pick through the trash?

No - The landfill does not allow any salvaging or picking through the trash.

Can I bring my old paint, chemicals and/or cleaning supplies to the landfill?

No, these items must go to a chemical waste disposal facility.

What if I need to get rid of asbestos/chemically contaminated soil and/or other contaminated material?

With proper documentation, we can accept some of these types of items. Please call the landfill and we will provide you information and instruction for disposing of “special waste.”

What methods of payment do you accept?

At this time, we are only accepting credit/debit cards and the owner of the card must be present with a valid I.D/Driver’s License.

(Visa, Discover, MasterCard & American Express)